E-mail Marketing Tips: How To Increase Click Performance

What element in your e-mail newsletter generates the highest click-through rate? Using click-performance data from the past four years, we’ll show you how video thumbnails achieved a click-through rate of over 90%. We’ll also show you the sort of video thumbnails that generate the most clicks.

(View video on YouTube.)

E-mail newsletters are a great way to not only keep in touch with current and prospective clients, but also generate new business.

Based on click-performance data available in our MailChimp account, we have concluded the following:

  • Promotional messages and sales copy get few to zero clicks.
  • Editorial and educational messages get some clicks.
  • Video thumbnails get the majority of clicks.
  • Video thumbnails of cats get the most clicks.

Okay, cats are optional, but video thumbnails definitely work.

Now our subscribers expect video. Anything less is ignored.

Producing a video takes more time than writing sales fluff, but the extra effort pays off. We’ve steadily received new business from our e-mail marketing. The clicks are converting into sales.

Based on feedback from our subscribers, our videos convert because they’re educational, entertaining, personable, and sharable.

Sharable is key. We upload the video to YouTube, embed it on our blog, then share it on our Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn. If others find it useful, then they share it. None of our videos have gone viral…yet. But we have benefited from the long tail of web video.

Of course the click performance data is specific to our business, but this strategy can be used by anyone. In fact, web video is a huge part of content marketing.

So if your current e-mail marketing isn’t generating clicks, then add a video. Let us know if you need help.

Thanks for reading!

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