Juicy product photography

We recently wrapped up our yummiest and juiciest photo shoot yet.  LGS Sales, a produce importer based in New York, hired us to design a poster for their trade show booth. The goal was to communicate that LGS distributes three different varieties of grapes: green, red and black.

FedEx delivered three 18 lb grape cartons to our office. This may not look like a lot of grapes, but it was over 50 lbs worth.

Boxes delivered

Boxes delivered

After preparing the boxes, attaching the logo, and arranging the grapes, we shot dozens of photographs. We designed the poster and had it printed at Poster Brain.

Final Grape poster

“The posters came out beautifully. Many thanks for all your hard work on our behalf.”
LGS Sales

Now, what did we do with the 50 lbs of grapes?  After giving away bags to a few lucky friends and family, we still had some left over. So Sonja decided to make some grape jam and cinnamon swirl breadGrape jam and cinnamon swirl breadA big THANKS to LGS for the tasty, I mean fun project!

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