Posterous vs. Tumblr – Part 1

Adding content to a website has never been easier. In this post, I compare two free blogging platforms and Both allow easy posting from your mobile phone.

If you don’t already have a blog, check out and Both are free, easy to use, and work with mobile devices.

I’m currently using for my personal photo blog:

To post, all I have to do is take a photo with my mobile phone and email it to my Posterous account. The email subject line becomes the post’s title, and the email text becomes the post’s body copy. So I can easily include a description for the photo. Posterous automatically resizes the image, and I don’t have to do any work.

I’m also testing out

I haven’t used it much yet, but it’s very easy to post from an email. However, when I email a photo to Tumblr, it doesn’t include my email text as a photo description. It only includes the email subject line. Not a huge deal, but I like Posterous better for photo blogging.

Tumblr has a unique feature for recording and posting audio. All I have to do is call a toll-free number to record an audio post. This is very cool, but Tumblr uses Flash to embed the audio, so it doesn’t play back on all mobile browsers (such as the one on my Palm Pre Plus). Nevertheless, this is a great feature for a CEO or celebrity who wants an easy way to record and distribute personal voice messages.

That’s all for now. I’ll write Part 2 after I do more tests on both platforms. If you have experience with Posterous or Tumblr, please share. I look forward to your comments.

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