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Control vs. Responsibility: How to choose the best software for your business

Whether you’re the CEO of a Fortune 500 company or the sole-proprietor of a local boutique, you need to be aware of the different types of web-based business software before you’re able to intelligently pick the best option for your organization. I consult a wide… Continue reading

Website advice for small business owners: Make sure you have control

During the past few months, I’ve consulted several small companies who have left or are trying to leave their current web design company. I call them dot-refugees, and I’m always interested in finding out why they parted ways with their previous agency. They’ll talk, and… Continue reading

Shared, VPS, or Dedicated: Which web hosting type is best for your business?

Web hosting is one of the most important aspects of any internet business. However, it’s commonly misunderstood. There are so many web hosting companies, and each one offers different types and plans. It gets confusing, and shopping for the best one can take days or… Continue reading