Top 10 Website Mistakes and What To Do Instead

Whether you currently have a website or you’re planning to build one soon, you need to understand common website mistakes a how to fix them. The following post covers 10 mistakes and suggested fixes for each. This is just an overview and not a definitive guide. However, these 10 points are a great place to start for anyone interested in improving their website.

Without further ado…

10 Website Mistakes and Suggested Fixes:

Google PageSpeed1. Slow-loading site
Fix: Quality hosting, quality site code, optimized images, don’t embed too many videos on a single page, use Google Insights Page Speed tool to help find problems.

2. No contact info, or contact info difficult to find
Fix: Put your phone number and contact link at the top of each page.
Include a contact form or appointment request form.

3. Bad design.
Fix: keep it simple. Don’t use too many fonts or colors. Stick with a style guide and keep a consistent look and feel throughout your site and other marketing materials.

4. Not mobile friendly.
Fix: Use a CMS such as WordPress that is mobile friendly by default. If you’re using a custom CMS or hosted CMS, just make sure it’s mobile friendly. Google just penalized sites that aren’t mobile optimized, so update now!

5. Ignore SEO.
Fix: SEO really isn’t that complicated. Just make sure you include text about the products and services that you offer. Use a variety of keywords that are common to your industry. If you need help, ask your web developer to make sure your meta title, meta description, h1, body copy, and URLs are all set up for SEO.

6. Old content.
Fix:  With a CMS like WordPress, updating content on your site is quick and easy. Make sure you keep your list of products, services, and pricing info up to date. A blog or News section is a good place to add new content too.

7. No authority, trust, or credibility.
Fix: Include testimonials, educational blog posts and articles, positive reviews, professional memberships and awards (BBB, CCCC).

8. No videos or rich media.
Fix: Web video is one of the best elements to include on your website. At the very least, use your phone to shoot a quick intro video. Simply introduce yourself and tell site visitors how you can help. The video can be used on your site, YouTube, Facebook, Google+ and more.

9. No social media links or integration.
Fix: First, make sure you are posting regularly to your business social media accounts. Then, add a link on your website to each of your active social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+, etc.). If you aren’t active on a specific social media platform, then don’t link to it.

10. Don’t worry about website security.
Fix: If you use a CMS like WordPress, then keep it up to date. Use strong passwords. Only install high-quality plugins and add-ons. Don’t give your admin credentials to sketchy offshore “web marketing” consultants. If you need one-on-one help, work with someone local who you can meet with in person.

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