Motionbuzz Launches New Website for University of Florida PathLabs

Motionbuzz is proud to announce the launch of—the new website for University of Florida Pathology Laboratories (UF PathLabs). Headquartered in Gainesville, Florida, UF PathLabs has been offering pathology services, testing, pathology second opinion services and autopsies for more than 20 years. The purpose of the new website is to help UF PathLabs market their services to current and prospective clients.

After some initial strategic planning with UF PathLabs, we decided to organize the site by pathology specialty. Therefore, users can view all content types (including tests, pathologists, fellow, news, and case studies) by specialty.

Thomas Gapinski of Motionbuzz with Dr. Vincek, Medical Director of UF PathLabs

Another primary features is the test search engine. It allows users to quickly find a specific pathology test by searching alphanumerically or by keyword.

We built the new site using Drupal, an open source CMS used for many high-profile websites including, Amnesty International, and the Emmy Awards. After using Drupal on several projects during the past few years, including one for Georgia Tech, we were confident it was the best CMS for this project.


Drupal allows UF PathLabs to control all aspects of their site, including adding, editing, and deleting content. We allowed team members at UF PathLabs to log into Drupal early in the development process—even before the design was finalized—so they could start getting acquainted with Drupal’s dashboard.

We began the project in June and launched about three months later on September 22. Before launch, we went down to their headquarters in Gainesville, FL, and completed a Drupal training session. After launch, we completed additional training using GoToMeeting.

We also completed an initial round of SEO. After two weeks, the site comes up first on Google for “pathology testing Florida.” It’s listed on the first page for many other “industry + geographic” keyword phrases.

This has been one of our favorite projects to date. Everyone at UF PathLabs has been wonderful. It’s not like they had to twist our arms to love G’ville (we’re Gators to the core), but working with these amazingly smart and nice people was a joy. Thank you UF PathLabs!

Feedback from UF PathLabs:

We are very pleased with the end result and are strongly recommending Motionbuzz and their staff.
University of Florida Pathology Laboratories

View entire letter of recommendation from UF PathLabs

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