Work Anywhere

Technology has allowed me to work anywhere. Sometimes I get bummed when the weather is perfect, and I’m stuck in the office. Then I remember I have a laptop and Wi-Fi hotspot. I can work anywhere.

current weatherRight now it’s 64°F, partly sunny, and the birds are chirping. Working outside invigorates my creative juices and allows me to take advantage of the short Florida spring. Soon it’ll be too hot and humid to work outside, but today is perfect.

Doing computer work outside is nothing new. People do it all the time. But today I wanted to recognize how awesome it is to work anywhere…Oh, darn. My battery is almost dead. I need to wrap this up and find an outlet.

low battery

Well, I had to go back inside and plug in. It was fun while it lasted. To work anywhere, I need to get one of these. Until then, I’ll work anywhere near an electrical outlet.

Working outside

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