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Playing an instrument is good for your brain

According to a TED video, playing an instrument is good for your brain. I started playing guitar when I was 15, and sometimes I spent more time playing music than doing homework. After watching the TED video, I’m convinced I spent my time wisely.

Jacksonville Art Walk, August 2013

Art Walk

Come out to Jacksonville Art Walk tonight from 5-9pm, Sonja will be displaying Swirlbots, and Thomas will be rocking out on acoustic guitar at Daniel James Salon.

After-School Art

art time

The kids came to the office today after school to work on art projects. They saw Sonja and me preparing swirlbots for One Spark, and they wanted to get in on the action. Fun times at Motionbuzz HQ!

Getting musical at the Songwriter’s Circle

Last month I was pleased to share the stage with Rebecca Zapen and Brenda David during the Songwriter’s Circle at European Street Cafe in San Marco. Songwriter’s Circle is organized by promoter Ray Lewis and singer/songwriter Larry Mangum and “features three regional songwriters presenting their… Continue reading

Reboot your creativity with a collaborative art project

Sitting in front of a computer can be a drag. Some days I feel like the screen sucks the life out of me and my creativity. TV and computer screens are everywhere: at the gas pump, hanging from the ceiling at big box stores, attached… Continue reading