Getting musical at the Songwriter’s Circle

Last month I was pleased to share the stage with Rebecca Zapen and Brenda David during the Songwriter’s Circle at European Street Cafe in San Marco. Songwriter’s Circle is organized by promoter Ray Lewis and singer/songwriter Larry Mangum and “features three regional songwriters presenting their original music in the listening room environment.”

I’ve been out of the loop with the local music scene for a few years, so participating in the Songwriter’s Circle was a wonderful way to get back into the groove. I won’t quit my day job, but playing guitar and singing is such a pure creative outlet for me. I played in rock bands throughout high school and college, and I continue to compose and record original songs. But for the past few years, my primary musical pursuits have been limited to advertising jingles and background music for TV commercials. So it feels really good to play original music in front of an audience again. I couldn’t have asked for a better gig.

Many thanks to Rebecca for referring me to Ray, Ray for booking me, Tim for the beat, Brenda, E-Street for great food, beer, and staff, the fantastic audience, and everyone else involved!

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