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Facebook’s advertising scheduling system works in Pacific Time

Facebook advertising

Just a reminder to my EST clients, Facebook’s advertising scheduling system works in Pacific Time. So if you have a time-sensitive campaign, remember to adjust the start and end times to your target audience’s time zone.

Use social media to communicate during an emergency


In preparation for Winter Storm Juno, many businesses and schools in the Northeast are closing early today. Most organizations are using social media to communicate with their customers.

Have You Considered Advertising on Twitter?

Have you considered advertising on Twitter? We’ve been managing Twitter ad campaigns for clients, and the platform is very easy to use. It allows us to target by interests, similar followers, gender, language, and geography.

New Profile Page Layout on Twitter

What do you think of Twitter’s new layout for profile pages? Looks like Facebook to me. I use Twitter from my iPhone, so I don’t often see full profile pages. How about you? Follow us on Twitter and we’ll follow you back:

National Pancake Day Surprise

IHOP created National Pancake Day as a way to inspire pancake lovers around the nation to help them raise money for charity. I love pancakes, so naturally, I love this holiday. One of the tools we use for social media promotions is Shortstack. Their logo… Continue reading

Sweet Valentine’s Video for Darling Clementines

Darling Clementines

Valentine’s Day is only 10 days away! Now is a great time to tell your clients and customers how much you appreciate them. Here’s a 15-second spot we created for our client, Darling Clementines.