Use social media to communicate during an emergency


In preparation for Winter Storm Juno, many businesses and schools in the Northeast are closing early today. Most organizations are using social media to communicate with their customers. Continue reading

Should you pay for clicks or impressions?

Google Adwords

“Some 56.1% of all the impressions served on the Google display platforms could never have been actually seen because they were served outside of the browser window.” Continue reading

Clay Chamber’s Entrepreneur Spotlight Shines on Motionbuzz

Clay Chamber

The October edition of the Clay Chamber’s In Motion newspaper included an article on page 2 about Motionbuzz. We’re honored to have the Entrepreneur Spotlight shine on us this month. Thank you Clay Chamber! Continue reading

Clay Chamber IT Council Discusses Content Marketing

Motionbuzz founder, Thomas Gapinski, was part of a panel of content marketing experts at the Clay Chamber’s IT Council meeting last Wednesday. Continue reading

Playing an instrument is good for your brain

According to a TED video, playing an instrument is good for your brain. I started playing guitar when I was 15, and sometimes I spent more time playing music than doing homework. After watching the TED video, I’m convinced I spent my time wisely. Continue reading

Banner Design for Dr. Kailes Pediatric Dentist

We love it when our clients post photos of our designs on their social media pages. Thank you Dr. Kailes and Pam for the shout out. And thanks S & J for printing our design just perfectly. We love working with other small businesses! Continue reading

How To Record Audio with a DSLR

Green screen video shoot at Pragmatic Works

DSLR cameras have revolutionized how we shoot marketing videos. However, recording high-quality audio with a DSLR can be tricky. Continue reading

Have You Considered Advertising on Twitter?

Have you considered advertising on Twitter? We’ve been managing Twitter ad campaigns for clients, and the platform is very easy to use. It allows us to target by interests, similar followers, gender, language, and geography. Continue reading

New Profile Page Layout on Twitter

What do you think of Twitter’s new layout for profile pages? Looks like Facebook to me. I use Twitter from my iPhone, so I don’t often see full profile pages. How about you? Follow us on Twitter and we’ll follow you back: Continue reading

Swirlbots at One Spark 2014

Please come see Swirlbots at One Spark. We’re on the 2nd floor of the Wells Fargo building. Continue reading