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Playing an instrument is good for your brain

According to a TED video, playing an instrument is good for your brain. I started playing guitar when I was 15, and sometimes I spent more time playing music than doing homework. After watching the TED video, I’m convinced I spent my time wisely.

Clay County Chamber of Commerce Blood Drive

We donated blood today at Clay County Chamber of Commerce‘s Finally Friday Networking breakfast. The Blood Alliance always needs blood. If you’re able, please consider donating!

Down to Earth Farm

Check out our new video about Down to Earth Farm. We’ve been long-time fans of the farm and thoroughly enjoy eating their fresh, locally grown vegetables. Our whole family visited the farm, then Thomas and I went back for the video shoot. Thank you Brian… Continue reading

Video Marketing 101: Should You Use a Foreign Accent?

Voice narration

Citing information from Motionbuzz’s YouTube analytics, YouTube’s Creator Playbook , TYT’s video People Don’t Trust Foreign Accents – Study, and Monster’s article Do You Sound Right for the Job?, I research whether or not you should use a foreign accent in video marketing.

E-mail Marketing Tips: How To Increase Click Performance

What element in your e-mail newsletter generates the highest click-through rate? Using click-performance data from the past four years, we’ll show you how video thumbnails achieved a click-through rate of over 90%. We’ll also show you the sort of video thumbnails that generate the most… Continue reading

6 Ways to Make Your Website Better

This music video is a web designer’s spin on Gotye’s Somebody That I Used To Know. Our new lyrics include 6 Ways to Make Your Website Better.

Lean Marketing for the Holidays

We hope everyone is having a wonderful 2012. In this video, we discuss how we use lean marketing techniques during the holidays. We use digital media instead of direct mail. It’s affordable and environmentally friendly.

Video: Merry Christmas 2011

With temperatures in the upper 70s, it’s not really looking a lot like Christmas in Florida. But who needs snow? We had a fun time filming this video with our children at Jacksonville Beach. Hope you enjoy it!

Video: Are you ready for the holidays?

Back To School and Labor Day are over, and now it’s time to focus our marketing efforts on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and 2012.

Why do we buy services?

If you’re an American service worker in 2011, then you need not only more time, skills, knowledge, tools, manpower, and desire than your competition, but also more of all these things than your prospective customer.