6 Ways to Make Your Website Better

This music video is a web designer’s spin on Gotye’s Somebody That I Used To Know. Our new lyrics include 6 Ways to Make Your Website Better.

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We Are Here To Help Your Business Grow

Now and then I tell you
how your website could be better.
Like make it load faster
and look great on mobile phones.
Told myself I’d remind you soon,
but we were swamped until the end of June.
But now it’s time to invest
in your online future.

So let’s set a date when we can talk
Nail down some ways we can make your website even better.
Update content, shoot a video,
freshen up your message
and fix user flow.

This won’t happen on its own you know.
So make the time to collect your thoughts
then just call our number.
Oh yeah, we are ready to go!
Now you know we’re here
to help your business grow.

We are here…
to help your business grow.

So, just to review, the 6 Ways to Make Your Website Better are:

  1. Make it load faster
  2. Make it look great on mobile phones
  3. Update content
  4. Shoot a video
  5. Freshen up your message
  6. Fix user flow

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Lyrics, vocals, and piano by Thomas.
Video production by Sonja.
We wrote, shot, and edited this video in just a few hours. The audio was recorded one track live. No frills. Just quick and fun!

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